The Treadmill Logger App for iPhone & iPad

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By Bryan Hall.

With this app you can keep track of all your treadmill sessions.

Track your calories burned, fat calories burned, distance and laps

View your Month to date, Year to date and Life to date totals

Use the summary to drill down by years then months in the year and days in the month

Check your distance progress on the map course that has been setup. You Start in Miami, FL

in route to Salt Lake City, UT then off to Seattle, WA then off to Bangor, ME and finally back to Miami, FL

for a total of 8288 miles or 13,338 kilometers.

You will see where you are on the map as you go and you can zoom in and out on your current location


Here are a few screen shots from the Treadmill Logger iPhone, iPad App

As you can see I have been using this app for over 6 years and it helps keep me motivated to stay on the treadmill

Most people that make a new years resolution to get in shape will get on the treadmill and stay with it for 3 months and quit because they are not motivated

This was all the motivation I needed to keep going and after 6 years I am not even at the half way mark on the course

  Send us an email if you have any comments, suggestions, bug reports or requests for this app!
Menu Choices you will see when clicking the menu buttonMenu Choices
List of Treadmill Sessions by DateList of Treadmill Sessions by Date
Treadmill Session Entry ScreenTreadmill Session Entry Screen
Totals ScreenTotals Screen
List of Movies Grouped by ActorList of Movies Grouped by Actor
List of Movies Grouped by ActressList of Movies Grouped by Actress
Front Cover of a MovieFront Cover of a Movie
Course MapCourse Map

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