The My Coin Collection App for iPhone & iPad

Main Screen Image

By Bryan Hall.

You can keep track of all the coins you have collected and their value as well as all the other details you want to enter.

When is the last time you looked at your coin collection and wondered what is was worth right now?


You can sort by Denomination, Year, Quantity and Value as well as Grouping coins by year, country and denomination.

You can double tab in the coin image or tap the zoom button on the top navigation bar and see the coin images

full screen and enlarge the image by using two fingers to enlarge or shrink or one finger to move the image around while you enlarge or shrink.


Here are a few screen shots from the My Coins Collection iPhone, iPad App

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Menu Choices you will see when clicking the menu button Menu Choices
List of coins that are sortable and searchableCoin List (Sortable and Searchable)
Group by Screen is where you can group your coins by Denomination, Year, Quantity and ValueGroup by screen, list of all coins by Denomination, year, quantity and value
List of coins by selected denominationList of coins by selected denomination
Coin detailsCoin details
Coin image full screenCoin image full screen
List of coins by CountryList of coins by Country
List of coins by YearList of coins by Year

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