The Chili Cook-Off Scoreboard App for iPhone & iPad

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By Bryan Hall.

With this app you can have Chili and Cornbread cook-off contests.

The scoring points can be set in the defaults screen, 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place. A typical score setup would be 7 points for first place, 4 points for second place and 1 point for third place.

We have given you the ability to name the chili and cornbread and it comes with dozens of names that you can add to or remove.

You can keep track of all the the Voters so there is no ballet stuffing, once the voter clicks the vote button their results are locked and can only be changed by clicking the reset button for that voter which will remove all their votes allowing them to vote again.

To Start you enter the contestants as they arrive, Then during the event or when they are voting you enter their names

Towards the end of the event you let people vote for their favorite chili and cornbread

Finally at the end you simply tally the votes and award the prize's for the best Chili and Cornbread

You also have the ability to share the results by clicking on the share button and send the results by text, email, facebook or whatever sharing apps you have installed on your iPad or iPhone.


Here are a few screen shots from the Chili Cook-off Scoreboard iPhone, iPad App

Send us an email if you have any comments, suggestions, bug reports or requests for this app!
Menu Choices you will see when clicking the menu buttonMenu Choices
List of Chili contestants in the order of their entry numberChili Contestants List (by order of entry)
Chili Entry ScreenChili Contestant Entry Screen
List of VotersList of Voters
Defaults ScreenDefaults Screen where you assign points and clear contestants and voters from the previous year.
Voting ScreenVoting screen where you enter the number or numbers of you favorite chili and cornbread
Chili tally screenChili tally screen where the winners are displayed with the top entry having the most votes
Cornbread tally ScreenCornbread tally screen where the winners are displayed with the top entry having the most votes
Share screenShare screen, Chili Cook-Off results shown being sent as a text message.

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