The Books Read App for iPhone & iPad

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By Bryan Hall.

You can keep track of all the books you have read.

When is the last time someone ask you for advice on a good book to read? With this app you can simply find the book and go to details and tap the share button and share with your friend or relative by means of a text, email, facebook, twitter or what ever else you have on your iPhone or iPad.

You see a book advertised by an Author you like and it is one of 15 in a series, simply open the app and use the menu option Book List by Author / Genre, select the Author tab on the bottom and scroll down to find your author and tap to get a list of books by that author and you will see if you have read that book or not.

I read on average 50 to 60 books a year and its hard to remember them all, so by useing this app to keep track of them sure helps me.


You can sort by Book name, Author, Genre, Series and Date read as well as Grouping books by Author or Genre, Year, Rating and Series.

You can double tab in the book image or tap the zoom button and see the book image full screen and enlarge the image by using two fingers to enlarge or shrink or one finger to move the image around while you enlarge or shrink.


Here are a few screen shots from the Books Read iPhone, iPad App

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Menu Choices you will see when clicking the menu buttonMenu Choices
List of books that are sortable and searchableBook List (Sortable and Searchable)
Group by Screen is where you can search for a book by Author, Genre, Year, Rating and SeriesGroup by screen, list of all authors
List of books by selected authorList of books by selected author
Book detailsBook details
Book cover full screenBook cover full screen
List of books by GenreList of books by Genre

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