The Optimists Books iPhone & Android App

Both Good Morning and Good Night Book images

“The Optimist’s Good Morning” and “The Optimist’s Good Night”

Compiled by Florence Hobart Perin.

I am so grateful for finding these two books in my parents’ basement when I was just a young man! These were given to my sweet Grandmother when she was a young girl (1920’s) As I read from the books, I realized she read them and then lived by what she discovered in her reading! Later in life, she taught my Mother many of these things! Every once in a while, something my Mother did or said was an echo of what was written here so long ago.

I have since purchased original copies, when I could find them to give to my family, and others. Reprints are available.

This app contains the entire content of the two books from 1907, and 1910.

They are now presented here in a very useful iPhone & Android app. It is a “daily app” with a message for each day of the year. A “thought” or a “quote” of optimism, for every morning, and each evening reading. The messages are from hundreds of various authors giving us thoughts of love and guidance that reaches us in today’s conflicts and confusion. Each thought and inspiration or joyful message has an accompanying “prayer” (non-denominational). These usually apply to the thought or quote above.

There is so much sadness, disaster, evil, and negative influence each day in this world! Each person carries incredible burdens. Everyone has way too much going on. We all have, each day, hundreds or thousands of negative influences pointing at us in the news, social media, bad examples, negative people and our own “self doubt”. If you take a minute each morning and each evening before retiring, you will find added strength and needed optimism to get you through life’s unending trials. Somehow, it helps!

You may even find that what you read that day, will apply to your own experiences in things you do, and conversations you have. In the app are included tools to mark and save favorites, and also click and easily share messages in texts, or in social media, etc. as you discover them.

Once you start using the app, you will want to keep using it each day, as now you are an optimist!

You may find you skip a day, or a week or a while… Just start again! You might notice, those skipped days “were just not the same”. This proves the power of the positive.

Please help your friends, family, and co-workers find the app. It’s been said many times and ways, to be happy, or successful, surround yourself with successful and happy people, family and friends (and optimists!)

These books are considered by historians as being important culturally. They are important to civilization and for human knowledge for future generations.

You will not be annoyed by adds or in app purchases, you receive all the content from both books in an easy to read format that you can customize by changing the font and font size and even font color.

Send us an email if you have any comments or suggestions or requests for this app!

Here are a few screen shots from the iPhone, iPad App

Home Screen you will see when opening the appHome Screen
Menu Choices you will see when clicking the menu buttonMenu Choices
Poem/Prayer Screen you will see when selecting a DatePoem/Prayer Screen
Set up fonts and wallpaper User Defaults Screen

About Screen About List Screen
List of the Authors you will see when clicking on a about itemAbout Poem/Prayer Authors
List of favorites that you have selectedFavorites Screen
Special Days List ScreenSpecial Days List Screen
Special Days Easter ScreenSpecial Days Easter Screen

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